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Complete Fulfillment & Distribution Case Study

As one of Zenventory's first customers, Complete Fulfillment & Distribution, a 3PL fulfillment company, empowered its customers to be more self-sufficient with visibility into their information.

Since 1999, Complete Fulfillment & Distribution has provided customized 3PL warehousing and order fulfillment for a multitude of finished goods.

Handling everything from monthly subscription boxes to B2B customer retail fulfillment to B2C e-commerce orders, Complete Fulfillment & Distribution supports its customers by processing shipments within 24 hours, providing real-time order processing, kitting, and assembling, as well as offering FBA Prep expertise. With headquarters located in sunny Arizona, the company also has taken steps to ensure that its warehouses are 100% climate controlled. To learn more about Complete Fulfillment & Distribution, check them out here:


The Challenge

To best support its customers, Complete Fulfillment & Distribution wanted the ability to seamlessly integrate with major e-commerce shopping carts like Shopify and WooCommerce. To achieve this, the company knew they needed an application that could connect them to these different shopping carts using an API, or an Application Programming Interface.

After evaluating different options on the market, the company decided on Zenventory to help them with their problem.


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"Zenventory helps our customers be more self-sufficient."

Rick Miller


Complete FulFillment & Distribution

The Outcome

For the challenge that Complete Fulfillment & Distribution was trying to solve, Zenventory was a perfect fit. Using Zenventory's API, Complete Fulfillment & Distribution was able to integrate with its customers' shopping carts. Zenventory solved the challenge they faced. 

Also, by deciding on Zenventory, Complete Fulfillment & Distribution became one of Zenventory's first customers, and over the years, the two have grown together. 

By using Zenventory's API, Complete Fulfillment & Distribution was able to connect with the major e-commerce shopping carts and, while doing so, discovered an added benefit to using Zenventory.

This added benefit, and the most significant value to the solution, was the ability to provide needed visibility for Complete Fulfillment & Distribution's customers. This visibility enabled its customers to find the information on their own without having to ask Complete Fulfillment & Distribution's staff, allowing them to concentrate on other tasks like processing shipments and providing excellent service.

The Conclusion

When Complete Fulfillment & Distribution chose Zenventory to help them connect to customers' shopping carts via an API, they received exactly what they expected and more. In addition to achieving the integration they wanted, Complete Fulfillment & Distribution also ended up empowering its customers by giving them visibility into their information and making them more self-sufficient.


Special thanks to Rick Miller for his help with this case study

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