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Make Life More Easy Peasy When You Pair Zenventory & ShippingEasy 

Love ShippingEasy, but need a scalable inventory management system that grows with your company? Zenventory is packed with many features you'd usually only find in enterprise-level WMS systems, at a fraction of the price. 


ShippingEasy Integration

The right tool for the job: ShippingEasy is a great shipping system, but as you scale, you may find the need for more efficient inventory-keeping tools. Zenventory is simple to integrate to ShippingEasy and greatly improves on the inventory management functionality so you don't have to worry about making compromises.


Zenventory + ShippingEasy =  ❤️

Inventory Management
Inventory management

ShippingEasy can support simple inventory management. However, if you need help with more complex inventory management, Zenventory is the tool for you. Zenventory is a robust application that can automate cycle counting and low stock alerts, along with many other features.

Shipping Carrier & Marketplace Support
Marketplace support

Zenventory's integration with ShippingEasy allows users to access virtually all popular online marketplaces like Amazon, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

Inventory Sync
Inventory sync

By pairing Zenventory with ShippingEasy, automated inventory sync makes sure that all your marketplaces report the same accurate quantity for sale at all times (note: this is an optional feature and you can turn this off). 

3PL Support
3PL support

Zenventory was built for 3PLs. Zenventory supports multi-client inventory and order management with a simple centralized interface. When you pair ShippingEasy with Zenventory, you get a great operating system to run a 3PL warehouse that covers ALL the bases.

Specialized Item Types
Specialized item types

Zenventory supports the tracking of unique item serial numbers, lot numbers, and expiration dates so that you can track any and all of your stock types. For these special product types, logic is also in place to help your team pick the right product at the right time to keep inventory moving efficiently. 

Advanced Location Management
Advanced location management

With true location-based item storage, users have the ability to move items around easily and split quantities between multiple locations and warehouses. Processes like order picking benefit from this capability because it will direct your team to the appropriate location so they can find the items they need quickly. 


Connect to marketplaces and platforms like Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, QuickBooks Online.


Which Zenventory plan do I need for ShippingEasy?

You will be able to use our ShippingEasy integration with both our Pro and Enterprise plans. Visit our pricing page to learn more. 

How do I get this integration set up with Zenventory?

To setup this integration, you can follow our help article here

Or you can call our support line and they will walk you through the process: 480-530-2100 x1.


ShippingEasy & Zenventory integration

Ready to make your life more easy by pairing Zenventory & ShippingEasy?