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FBA Speed Without the 
FBA Price

There’s a better cost-saving option for retailers that want next day delivery to 80% of American households.

Zenventory Fulfillment Network

Grow your business with our nationwide warehouse network

Our strategically located warehouses will ensure that your products get to your customers, wherever they are - in two days or less.


Why join the Zenventory Fulfillment Network (ZFN)?

Joining the Zenventory Fulfillment Network (ZFN) means tapping into our expanding network of warehouses, empowering you to exceed customer expectations with quicker and more cost-effective product deliveries than ever before.
Fulfillment Network

Join ZFN, expand your network

Expand into new distribution locations while keeping your delivery times competitive with FBA. No matter where your customers are located, ZFN can provide faster delivery without incurring the cost of another warehouse or fulfillment center. 

Fast Delivery

Get fast delivery without the price tag

Choose the warehouse that is closest to your customers to get faster delivery, without the higher price. Using our network of warehouses, you can get most of your products delivered in 2 days (or less) on UPS ground service!  


Growing your sales north of the border?

We have you covered with fulfillment centers in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver!



How ZFN works

ZFN - Shop for a 3PL

Step 1: Shop for a 3PL

Browse our 3PL marketplace by location or expertise (such as kitting or serialization). Our low prices ensure your products arrive faster and cheaper - yes, even faster than Amazon!

ZFN - Create your Zenventory account

Step 2: Create your Zenventory account

Create your Zenventory account and seamlessly connect it to your chosen 3PLs. It's that simple!

ZFN - Ship your products to your 3PL warehouses

Step 3: Ship your products to your 3PL

Ship products to your 3PL warehouses, and still have the option to ship from your own location. Zenventory supports multiple warehouse setups, with your 3PLs acting as additional warehouses.

ZFN - Relax & enjoy the savings

Step 4: Relax & enjoy the savings

Monitor your inventory and order fulfillment from your Zenventory account. Relish in the fact that you're fulfilling orders quicker and cheaper than the billion-dollar behemoths.  

You don't have to be a billion-dollar company to compete with one. 
All you need is ZFN.