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Inventory Operations Software for Disaster Management Agencies

Easy to use inventory and transfer management for unlimited locations and unlimited users. 

Inventory Operations-Disaster Management


Be ready when disaster strikes.

Zenventory provides disaster management agencies with reliable inventory control across unlimited locations, so there is never any doubt that your most crucial assets are available in an urgent time of need.

Unlimited Locations | Disaster management
Unlimited locations

Track your emergency supplies in as many places as you store it.

Unlimited users | Disaster management
Unlimited users

Enjoy the efficiencies of everyone working in the same system, with no extra cost for larger teams.

Track Perishable Stock | Disaster management
Track perishable stock

Track perishable inventory with First-Expiring, First-Out (FEFO) enforcement.

Lot numbers | Disaster management
Lot numbers

Trace lot numbers to facilitate recalls or dispose of compromised stock.

Mobile App | Disaster management
Mobile app

Work on the go. Mobile-ready for iOS and Android.                            

Field-Proven | Disaster management
Field-proven & trusted by top agencies

Field-proven and trusted by some of the largest disaster management agencies in the US. 


My agency requires cloud-hosted applications to be hosted on GovCloud, can you support this?

Yes, on our Custom plan tier. Contact us for pricing.

Do you support pre-assembled supply kits?

Yes! Pre-packaged supply kit inventory can be managed in Zenventory separately from individual components. You can also manage tasks involved with pre-packaging activity ("work orders").

Can you support single sign-on (SSO) for user management?

Yes, in most cases. Contact us with more details on your SSO implementation to confirm feasibility and pricing.

Ready to be prepared when disaster strikes?