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Multi-Channel Inventory Management Software

Even if you have multiple shopping carts, marketplaces, or warehouses, Zenventory maintains inventory accurate across all your channels. 


Multi-Channel Inventory Management Software


The Ultimate Solution for Accurate Inventory

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Item Management

Easily import your initial items, including item numbers, SKUs, UPC, EAN, category, and initial stock levels to get up and running fast. Set up multiple units of measure and create variants. Upload one or more pictures per item. Assign to one or more warehouses and set re-order levels per warehouse. Manage lot numbers, serial numbers, and expiration dates.

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Cycle Counting

Cycle counting is an effective and accurate best practice for warehouse maintenance. Cycle counting helps you avoid shutting down your warehouse to complete a wall-to-wall inventory count, saving you time and money. Use our app to perform counts of locations based on selected criteria.

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Multi-Warehouse Ready

Do you work with multiple warehouses? No problem. Manage inventory across all of them in a single system. Choose which items are stored in each warehouse. Connect marketplaces with rules to each warehouse for order fulfillment. Designate different shipping strategies for each warehouse too. Map your internal warehouse locations into a simple list or an organized hierarchy. Print location barcodes for easy scanning during put-away, picking, and cycle counting. Easily transfer inventory between warehouses to maintain the right balance.

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Low Stock Alerts & More

Get notified by email when your stock reaches minimum levels, expiration dates are approaching, and when it is depleted. Zenventory can send SMS text messages to key personnel as well. All messages are completely customizable and can be sent to specific Zenventory users, vendors, 3PL clients, customers, and more.

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Par Levels

Inventory is expensive - you want to avoid unnecessary stock on hand. Known as the item’s “par level,” Zenventory calculates the “sweet spot” of quantity to keep on hand to fulfill orders and allow lead time for reordering. That way, you avoid having excess products stored on the shelves (that could be money in the bank).

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Receive & Put Away Goods

Use a computer, tablet, or mobile app to efficiently receive goods and store them in warehouse locations. Lot numbers and expiration date records are captured during the receiving process, and default locations can be set. Stock can easily be relocated or split up to multiple locations to improve picking efficiency.

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Multiple Views

Review inventory by warehouse and location. Filter by vendor. Identify low and expiring stock. Calculate buildable kits. Search by SKU, description, or category.


Zenventory makes it simple to fulfill orders for products that have bills of material (BOM), with automated breakdown of components needed for built-to-order products plus simple work order management for assemblies.

Hawaii Coffee Company - Inventory Management - Case Study

"Not all inventory systems take care of everything needed to run a business, Zenventory does."

Joshua Jun

Hawaii Coffee Company


Read how Hawaii Coffee Company implemented lot codes, gained control of multiple warehouses, and saved up to 3 hours per day with Zenventory.

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