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Zenventory & Order Desk:
Unlock New Levels of Productivity 

Activate the powerful integration between Order Desk and Zenventory and streamline your order processing, inventory management, fulfillment, and more!

Order Desk & Zenventory Integration


Take your e-commerce operations to new heights.

Order Desk and Zenventory Integration
Seamless integration

Easily connect Order Desk with Zenventory and start harnessing the power of these two platforms.

Automated Workflows
Automated workflows

Use automated workflows to ensure accuracy and efficiency every step of the way. 

Sync Inventory & Orders
Sync inventory & orders

Automatically sync inventory levels and orders for all your connected sales channels.

Low Stock Alerts & Reordering Suggestions
Low stock alerts & reordering suggestions

Automated low stock alerts and reordering suggestions will ensure you make data-driven replenishment decisions at all times. 

Courier Rate Shopping
Courier rate shopping

Use Zenventory's automated shipping rate shopping feature to help you select the best shipping service. 

Access Discounted USPS Rates
Access discounted USPS rates

Get access to the lowest USPS shipping rates available - anywhere.


Seamlessly connect to our other integrations. 


Is Order Desk Free?

Order Desk offers plans starting at $20/mo. On the Zenventory side, since the Order Desk integration uses our API, it's available on any price tier at no extra charge.

Who do I contact for support in setting this up?

Since integration setup happens on the Order Desk side for this one, you can <<contact their support team here>> for any setup questions.  For support on the Zenventory side of things, call us anytime and we'd love to chat!  480-530-2100 x1.


Order Desk & Zenventory integration

Ready to unlock new levels of productivity?