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Optimize Operations with Government Logistics Software

Zenventory is a leading veteran-owned logistics software innovator that provides the efficiencies of smart software with friendly, expert service to deliver unmatched value to forward-looking teams.

Government Logistics Software

Proudly veteran owned. Made with ❤️ in Phoenix, AZ.


A government logistics software you can count on!

All-in-One Solutions for All Your Logistics Needs
All-in-one solution

Receive requisition orders, track inventory, fulfill orders, monitor budget spend, and manage shipping / delivery in one easy to use application.

Integrations & API / FTP
Integrations & API / FTP

Off-the-shelf integration to many systems & custom API / FTP integrations available. 

Built for Distributed Inventory Tracking
Built for distributed inventory tracking

Designed to master the complexities of tracking inventory across multiple locations. Stay in control and always keep sight of what you have, no matter where it is.

Seamless Asset Tracking
Seamless asset tracking

Our system allows for the seamless tracking and management of assets, providing real-time visibility and control over valuable resources.

Robust Pick & Pack Features
Robust pick & pack features

Streamline the picking and packing process, increasing accuracy and efficiency while reducing fulfillment times.

Powerful Shipping Engine
Powerful shipping engine

Zenventory supports various shipping carrier integrations, multi-carrier rate shopping, and high-velocity batch shipping.

Banish Tedious Tasks
Banish tedious tasks

Set up automation rules to best serve your needs. Automation rules can turn a multi-click process into one-click - saving hours of tedious and manual work. 

Manage Suppliers & Vendors from One Platform
Manage suppliers & vendors from one platform

No matter how many suppliers you work with, get more accurate vendor billing, vendor management, and inventory insights.

Setup User Permissions & Access Control Easily
Setup user permissions & access control

Keep your team organized and ensure that everyone has the right level of access with user permissions and access control. 

Enforce Spending Limits
Enforce spending limits 

Set up spending limits per user or department and have quick visibility into remaining budget amounts that reset either on an appropriate date or automatically. 

Scale Your Team Without Breaking the Bank
U.S.-based support

Experience unparalleled assistance with our U.S.-based technical support team, ready to help you via phone, email, or live chat.

Intuitive Platform
An intuitive platform that anyone can use

Our robust yet easy-to-use platform helps you stay organized and in control of all your logistics needs. 


Can you support SSO (single sign-on) for user management?

Yes, we can support SSO in most cases. Contact us here with more information on your SSO implementation to confirm the feasibility and pricing. 

My agency requires cloud-hosted applications to be hosted on GovCloud. Can you support this?

Yes, we can support this on our Custom plan tier. Contact us here for pricing and more information. 

Is there an extra cost for technical support?

There is no extra cost for technical support with Zenventory. Our friendly Arizona-based team of Zenventory experts can help you solve any challenge by telephone, email, or chat from 7AM-5PM, Monday through Friday. Give us a call!  (480) 530-2100

What does the setup process include?

Every agency’s needs are unique, so you will have a dedicated onboarding manager from our team that will walk you through the process from start to finish to ensure you have a successful launch. Our team will help you import your existing data, set your system preferences, and provide interactive training on all workflows. The majority of implementations are completed in under 14 days, but we can move at whatever pace you need based on your availability and deadlines. 

Ready to achieve sustainable operational excellence?