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Streamline Inventory Replenishment with Vendor Management

Get more accurate vendor billing, vendor management, and inventory insights to make sure minimum stock levels are continuously updated.

Vendor Management


Simplify the vendor management process.

Streamline your receiving process | Vendor management
Streamline your receiving process

Receiving against purchase orders is smart because your warehouse team will know exactly what should be delivered, and you can be alerted right away if there is an anomaly. Once a purchase order is created, it is available to the warehouse team to view and receive. Warehouse staff can partially or fully receive goods against purchase orders. If purchase orders are not fully received, they remain open until either closed or fully received. Of course, you can receive goods on the fly without a PO too.

Order goods from suppliers with purchase orders | Vendor Management
Order goods from suppliers with purchase orders

Zenventory’s purchase order processing ensures that you pay vendor invoices based on the items actually received. After entering or importing purchase orders into Zenventory, warehouse operators can receive goods against the purchase order with the actual quantities received and keep incomplete POs open for further receiving later.

Create vendor catalogs | Vendor Management
Create vendor catalogs 

Create vendor catalogs by relating your items numbers or SKUs to the supplier’s item numbers. Set item costs by vendor, order minimums, and supplier lead times. If the same item is purchased from multiple vendors, Zenventory can help you make smart purchasing choices to replenish your stock.

Directed put aways | Vendor management
Directed put aways

No longer hunt around offline to try and figure it out. Our system tells you where you should store items based on either the defaults you set or what location already holds the items you are trying to put away.

Zenventory Inventory Management Case Study

"Not all inventory systems take care of everything needed to run a business, Zenventory does."

Joshua Jun

Hawaii Coffee Company


Read how Hawaii Coffee Company implemented lot codes, gained control of multiple warehouses, and saved up to 3 hours per day with Zenventory.

Ready to streamline your stock replenishment with vendor management?