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Inventory Management

Jul 31, 2018

Your Business Is Never Too Small for Inventory Management Software Zenventory

Learn how inventory management software can help your business build solid and efficient process that for many small businesses have not been established.

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Whether you manage products in a warehouse or out of a garage, inventory management software can help you get control over an otherwise chaotic operation. Besides some of the more obvious benefits, like inventory control, and visibility into your stock levels, there are a plethora of reasons why your small business should consider cloud based inventory management software. You’ve probably considered it at one time or another but due to budget constraints or low order volume, you just couldn’t justify it. However, don’t discount it just yet. Many features of inventory management are exactly what a small business needs for growth, implementing processes, and to gain valuable insight. 

Manage Orders with Maximum Efficiency

Aside from the obvious functionality inherent in inventory management systems, many have built-in order management functionality. Order management features provide the guidance needed for laying out set processes in your business. Inventory tracking software will help you adopt a set workflow, naturally. By prompting an orders pick process and moving the order through the system, a business is able to form a systematic and efficient approach to order fulfillment. Tightening up your workflow will provide insight into how much your small operation is capable of handling and where those limits are. Additionally, it will uncover areas of weakness, and at what point you will need to take on additional staff to help. For a small business, the software’s capability of tracking inventory is an added benefit. 

Reporting Provides a Road Map For Success

Knowing your inventory turn is imperative to running a successful operation. As such you will need to know metrics about your products and sales on a per item and per warehouse basis. Inventory management reporting will provide all the data you need and more. Low stock alerts sent as a text message or email can help you stay on top of your inventory metrics and avoid out of stock situations that encourage your customers to seek out your competitors. The loss of just one customer can be detrimental to a growing business.

Be Prepared For Expansion With Inventory Management Software

Overall, having the right tools in place will help any business experience and manage growth more effectively. Early preparation and process implementation, will ensure your small operation is prepared for growth, when it happens. Growing pains are normal for a small business. Handling growth effectively is one of the keys to success. Waiting until your busy to adopt new software, or processes, is not only stressful, it creates inefficiencies and errors in the infrastructure, that effect a business long term. Ask yourself this question before deciding against inventory and order management software:  

If my business were to suddenly expand, would I be prepared to manage it effectively?


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