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Inventory Management

May 11, 2018

Inventory Tracking in QuickBooks | Inventory Integration

Powerful Inventory Tracking in QuickBooks is now Available For Users of Versions Premier and Pro for the Desktop. Easily Share Information Between ...

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We transformed QuickBooks basic inventory into a real warehouse management system

For the QuickBooks users out there who are frustrated with having only basic inventory features, you can now have your cake and eat it too! By integrating Zenventory with QuickBooks, users enjoy a more powerful inventory solution that plays nicely with the #1 accounting platform.

Our mission and our end result

Our goal was to fill the gaps without reinventing the wheel on what QuickBooks does best: Accounting. Along the way, we took our integration one step further by making it bidirectional, knowing that work flows can vary quite a bit from one company to the next. For example, your purchasing department might want to keep working in QuickBooks for creating POs, while your receiving crew may want to use the Zenventory mobile app for receiving them. No problem! With the Zenventory-QuickBooks integration, you can do your work in either program, and both will synchronize automatically.

Features and benefits

Built from the ground up to support high-volume order fulfillment and e-commerce marketplace integrations, Zenventory is packed with many of the warehouse-focused features you find in high-end WMS applications – But at a fraction of the price. By pairing Zenventory with QuickBooks, small businesses have an affordable solution for seamlessly managing inventory, orders, and accounting.

Zenventory offers simple integration setup using the QuickBooks Web Connector. Zenventory will initially download all products, starting inventory levels, purchase orders, sales orders, and supplier data. After the connection is initialized, Zenventory will become the master record for inventory counts, syncing changes back to QuickBooks at intervals set by the user. All other data will sync between the two programs automatically; no manual actions required.


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