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Jul 06, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About USPS Ground Advantage

Learn what USPS Ground Advantage entails, how it works, how Ground Advantage will affect eBay sellers, and more!

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Everything You Need to Know About USPS Ground Advantage

On July 9, 2023, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will combine its USPS Retail Ground, First-Class-Package, and Parcel Select Ground into one new service: USPS Ground Advantage. Keep on reading to learn more about what USPS Ground Advantage entails, how it works, how Ground Advantage will affect eBay sellers, and more!

Topics covered in this article include:

What is USPS Ground Advantage?

USPS Ground Advantage is the name given to the United States Postal Service’s newest shipping service that will consolidate Retail Ground, First-Class-Package, and Parcel Select Ground into one. Ground Advantage will be a new way of providing a simple, reliable, and affordable solution for shipping packages weighing from 1 ounce to 70 pounds in two to five business days for retail and commercial customers.

What is USPS Ground Advantage

How does USPS Ground Advantage work?

How USPS Ground Advantage works

USPS Ground Advantage ensures a swift and seamless delivery service by merging USPS Parcel Select Ground, USPS First-Class Package Service, and USPS Retail Ground service. The new service also helps you plan ahead thanks to its delivery service standard of two to five business days. When it comes to pricing, USPS Ground Advantage is promising to offer competitive rates based on weight and zone. To get an idea of the proposed prices for Ground Advantage, check out their Postal Explorer

Can business customers expect benefits when using Ground Advantage?

Yes! There will be specific USPS Ground Advantage benefits that will benefit business owners, including:

  • Convenient return service - Allows customers to send items back hassle-free
  • $100 insurance coverage - For both outbound and return shipments $100 insurance will be included (there will also be an option to purchase up to $5,000 in additional coverage against loss or damage)   

Will USPS be allowing a grace period for the implementation?

If you have concerns about the transition to Ground Advantage, I have some good news for you. USPS has stated that they will be allowing a grace period for the implementation of USPS Ground Advantage. During the grace period, USPS will continue to accept, process and deliver First Class Package Service and Parcel Select Ground shipments after the ninth of July. USPS also shared that they will accept all legacy products without penalty through September 30, 2023.  

How will USPS Ground Advantage affect sellers on eBay?

Ground Advantage is affecting how eBay sellers will ship their merchandise and is requiring sellers to update their current listings. eBay is providing some support for its sellers with this delivery service change by making some automatic updates to labels and listings. Updates include:

Printing labels

As an eBay seller, if you had a sale with Parcel Select Ground or First-Class Package, the label will print and display as USPS Ground Advantage automatically.

Updating listings

eBay will be automatically updating listings with Parcel Select Ground to reflect USPS Ground Advantage. 

What updates do eBay sellers need to make for USPS Ground Advantage?

Though eBay is helping update listings with Parcel Select Ground to USPS Ground Advantage, there are still updates that sellers will have to make manually. 

Manual updates that eBay sellers will have to make to their listings are: 

  • If you ship via First-Class package, you must update listings to USPS Ground Advantage over the next 30 days.

  • You will also need to update Business Policies to reflect the new service.

  • Any listings with Retail Ground will also need to be updated to USPS Ground Advantage.

For more information, check out eBay's Seller Center

What is the point of USPS Ground Advantage & why is it being launched now?

USPS Ground Advantage

USPS is in the midst of its 10-year plan to increase service, on-time delivery, and revenue generation. Ground Advantage is the next initiative to help their plan progress. Previous USPS initiatives that were part of their 10-year plan (Delivering for America) have included the Direct Mail Postage increase last year, as well as last year's holiday price hike

Finally - 
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