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Nov 18, 2022

5 Last-Minute Hacks to Boost Your Black Friday Sales

It is not too late to implement some last minute hacks to ensure you maximize sales this Black Friday and Cyber Monday!

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It is not too late to implement some last minute hacks to ensure you maximize sales this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Use this last week to make a few easy updates that will wow your web visitors and score the sale during this gift shopping season.

Black Friday Is Still the #1 Sales Day of the Year

Even though the gift shopping season gets earlier and earlier, it is important not to forget the day that started it all: Black Friday.

Here’s how Black Friday performed last year - and why it is still the biggest shopping day of the year:

  • 88 million buyers made a purchase online on Black Friday (MoneyTransfers)
  • Nearly 155 million Americans shopped during Black Friday 2021 (NRF)
  • 2021 holiday sales grew 14.1% from 2020 - to a record 886.7 billion! (NRF)

Last-Minute Hacks to Help Boost Your Online Sales

Hack #1: Add PayPal or Other Payment Options to Your Website

To maximize revenue on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, offer multiple payment options. Globally, a lot of people use PayPal. Not everyone uses Visa, Mastercard, or AMEX. In fact, according to PayPal, by adding it as a payment option, businesses have seen an 18% average increase in revenue. Therefore, adding another payment option like PayPal can increase your profits without too much work.


Hack #2: Show Order by Date & Your Return Policy

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have been known as the beginning of the gift shopping season. Ensure your visitors know when they can expect their package to be delivered by including the order by date to your website. Example: buy [product], get it by [expected] date

When putting together the order by date, also make sure to account for any shipping delays you might encounter. No one wants to be promised something on a specific date and receive it a week later. Give yourself a buffer to ensure that the packages will arrive on time or earlier.

Another element you can add to your online shop is your return policy. Shoppers don’t want to buy a present for their loved ones and then find that the return policy doesn’t cover past the holidays. Including this information can provide extra peace of mind to push them to make the sale.


Hack #3: Clean Up Minor Design Issues

When someone visits your website, you have seconds to capture their interest before they leave. To prepare, do a quick review of your website to spot-check any minor design issues that can be easily corrected. Also, read through your product descriptions to make sure there are no typos because typos can be a turnoff for some shoppers.


Hack #4: Build Interest with Countdown Timers

You put work into getting prepped for your holiday sale offerings, don’t let them go to waste! Generate interest for your sale by showing a countdown to when your sale will begin. Also, don’t just put the countdown on your website. Include your countdown on your emails and social media, so your audience knows to tune into your sale when it starts.

Hack #5: Chat It Up with Your Customers

Ensure your visitors can get the answers to their questions easily by ensuring your chat is prominent and easy to find. You can lose a potential sale when someone can’t find the answer they are looking for. So, make sure your web visitors don’t have that chance! Also, while preparing for Black Friday, ensure you have the staff to support your chat for the big day because waiting an hour for a response is the same as having no chat at all.


BONUS Hack: Evaluate This Year - Before You Forget

Our bonus hack will not help you prepare for this year’s big shopping event but will help you prepare for next year. After your Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have ended (even though you are exhausted), sit down and evaluate how this year went.

While both the trials and tribulations are fresh in your mind, jot down potential ways you could have made this year better. Some items worth evaluating are:

  • Was there a specific area that caused stress this year? And, if so, is there a tool or application, like an inventory management system, that can help you avoid that stress in the future?
  • Did you run out of stock on any items? Or do you need to run another sale to unload inventory that didn’t sell?
  • How would you rate your order fulfillment process? Could it be better? 
  • Did your website support the increase in traffic to your site? 
  • What are the top 3 things you would change to make next year even better?

Remember: You Got This

The stress of this season as an e-commerce business can be overwhelming, but keep believing in yourself, your product, and your team - and you will succeed! 

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