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Nov 11, 2022

Unlock USPS Discounts with Zenventory

In partnership with USPS and ShipEngine, Zenventory can now offer our customers the lowest USPS shipping rates in the industry.

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In partnership with the United States Post Office (USPS) and ShipEngine, Zenventory can now offer our customers the lowest USPS shipping rates in the industry.

Read on to learn more about Zenventory’s new USPS shipping rates and how they can help you save money during the holiday season.

Zenventory’s New Shipping Rates

Zenventory’s new USPS shipping rates are the lowest we have been able to offer - ever.

When Zenventory customers ship with our new USPS shipping rates, they can receive up to 84% off retail rates and up to 15% off Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) on Priority Mail. Zenventory can also provide additional discounts to customers who already use Cubic Pricing.

Save Money & Avoid Surcharges This Holiday Season

When you use Zenventory’s batch shipping engine this holiday season, save money and avoid surcharges with our automatic discount rates. No extra platforms are needed.

An important note about Zenventory’s new USPS shipping rates: peak holiday shipping surcharges don’t apply to the weight and zone prices at CPP. However, if it is below CPP, you can avoid these surcharges.


Zenventory’s Low Shipping Rates Are Available Now!

Zenventory’s new USPS rates were activated on October 19, 2022. If you are already a customer of Zenventory, don’t worry, there are no extra steps to access these new discounted rates - you get them automatically when you create labels using our platform!

Not a Zenventory customer yet? Schedule a call with our expert sales team to get started - today!


Can Zenventory Help You?

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